Modern way of life as well as numerous business obligations often force dog owners to be away for short or long periods, thus they must seek alternative accommodation for their pets. If you are unable to give your pet the proper living conditions while you are on vacation or a business trip, the doors of Alfadog boarding centre are open throughout the year.

The welfare of dogs is imperative for the Alfadog team. Therefore, during the stay in our center your pet is provided with all the necessary conditions for a normal life, First off there’s all-day care, top-of-the-line food, three or four walks during the day and excellent veterinary supervision. In agreement with the owners we can also do specialized activities, such as fitness and agility training, obedience and show ring training.

Our hostel is built with the strictest European standards and provides comfortable accommodation and the possibility of keeping dogs in outside temperatures or in standardized boxes for working dogs as well as indoors – heated rooms during the winter, for dogs who are used to living in apartments.

During your pet’s stay at the Alfadog hostel you can freely enjoy your vacation or business trip knowing that you left your dog in safe and caring hands. It will be our pleasure to inform you about your pet daily, via e-mail or text messages. If necessary, we can also transport dogs from your location to the centre and back.

We keep a strict concern about the dogs health, so dogs must meet any and all preventive health measures. All dogs, without exception, at the time of entry into the board must have a valid health card – passport with complete history of vaccination, chip implants, and that a valid protection against external and internal parasites is applied at most two weeks prior to boarding.

So, if you do not want your commitments and travel to affect the life of your dog, please call us for a timely reservation and we will be pleased to welcome your pet.

Owners can see photos or videos of their pets during their stay at the hostel on our facebook page.

NEW users of our services will soon be able to see their pets at any time over a given coded live link.